Friday, June 4, 2010

Nicky is a Day Late and a Dollar Short

A little filler until I get something else posted...

Nicky finally got around to reading my blog - probably because I sent him a congratulatory e-mail on finally getting suspended at VampireFreaks.

Nicky's response:
I will be back there tomorrow and I will be reporting you for having more than one handle, and using your blog entry to get you screwed from there. Going around stealing my characters from Passenger and from House of Spiders. get your own characters you bitch. I guess you have to answer to the press in Joliet for stealing Tabloid Purposes -- you're not going to fool anyone with your plagiarsm.
Nicky apparently read my entry from April 25 where I talked about having a second account at VF. Unfortunately for Nicky, I deleted that second account in early May when I realized you weren't supposed to have multiple accounts. He can tell the admins, but it would be futile. Or counter-productive. Because if they look at my account, they will see the nasty little comment he left for me.

I'm also wondering why the hell I should care about the press in Joliet.

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Anonymous said...

You promised us samples of his story from Issue Ten!! :(

My eyes aren't bleeding at the moment and I'd like to remedy that, so please, post some!! :D