Saturday, May 29, 2010

VampireFreaks has Idiots for Mods

I've only briefly been a member of VampireFreaks, and mostly to read Nicky drama. Paul Taylor (ptaylor at VF) and I have exchanged some e-mails about writing and stuff since then. I just got another one from him regarding his accounts at VF, and I checked it by looking at the site.

VF has suspended his account with the following comment "This User Has Been Suspended by VF Admin for: Using multiple accounts to harass a specific member. Until Jun 05, 2010"

He told me that he did have a second account, which he used it a few times to look at a few cults. What I find so amusing about this is the following:

1. Paul says he blocked Nicky a while back to get Nicky to leave him alone and hasn't engaged Nick since except when Nicky mentioned his name. Yep, that' s harassment.

2. Paul says he never posted anything from the second account, just read cults. Yep, that's harassment.

3. As a premium member, Paul is allowed to have two accounts. That was clearly posted in one of the sets of rules I read when I joined. I'll have to see if I can find the link.

4. Nicky has posted lots of comments (the homophobic comments, for instance) in violation of the TOS, rules, etc., and the mods have done zilch.

All in all, it seems the admins/moderators/the powers that be at VF are either ignorant of their own rules, jack-asses...or both.