Saturday, July 13, 2013

And Now Back to Our Nicky Coverage

Nicky finally discovered, almost three months late, that I let the and domain registrations expire, and he sent me a little love note:

Frankly, I never did much with the two domains, wasn't happy with the templates available (I am not a whiz at web design, any text edits were always wonky, etc), and decided I had better uses for the $10 or so it would cost to renew the domains. So Nicky or anyone else can snap them up if desired.

Now since Nicky is back on-line and harassing folks again, I think it's time I posted another review of some of his work. When I left off, I had committed to a review of Nicky's "15 Minutes Before the 11th Hour". Todd and I will be working on our review of that over the next few days and hope to have it up soon.