Monday, December 10, 2018

Nicky on Deadman's Tome Podcast

Hello, folks. It's been quite a while since I posted here. Time for a brief update.

In recent years, Nicky has been pretty silent. He was relocated to MOTY's house in Florida and, amidst the gators and palm trees and surfer dudes, reduced to posting on Facebook and emailing people about projects that never come to fruition. I think the only place that will publish his "writing" is The Book Patch.

On December 7, 2018, however, he was interviewed by Deadman's Tome on their podcast. The result was predictably hilarious and often incoherent as Nicky cannot speak clearly to save his life. Issues familiar to EONs were covered, and yours truly got a mention starting around 56 minutes into the podcast.

Unfortunately, several of my interactions with Nicky were conflated by the hosts--and no offense meant to them as Nicky's shenanigans are vast and varied and no doubt hard to keep track of for those who didn't live through them.

My initial interaction with Nicky on Spinetinglers was mentioned. That was where I made some mild criticisms of Spectral Exile and he went bonkers. That blog entry is still my most visited. Also referenced was my finding his story "The Witch's Party" in the Google cache for The Dark Fiction Spotlight and downloading two of his books for free from Lulu (no link, that was from my dead Xanga blog, and long-time EONs will remember that was where Nicky responded with empty threats to burn down my house.) Nicky also rambled on about me pirating some of his work.

The podcast is almost two hours long but might be amusing for some. Check it out if you have some time to kill!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Nicky Fails to Understand What "Goth" Means to Real Goths

After finally getting banned from DeviantArt (twice!) and Shocklines (three times!), our favorite little Goth-wannabe has been posting up a storm on Google+. His postings can be seen here.

If you scroll down, you can see that many of his posts to the Goth community regarding music have been deleted. This is indicated by the crossed out category just before the date. For example, this post about Black Sabbath:

This is but one of many. Nicky also posted about Iron Maiden, Saviour Machine, Empyrean Sky, Slayer, and others. Now notice that the name of the community--in the upper left hand corner of the post--is also crossed out. This means, I think, that Nicky has been banned from the community. Curious, I trotted on over to the Goth community and found this little gem:

LOL. Nicky utter fails yet again to understand the culture he so desperately longs to be a part of. Nicky's name doesn't show in the member list for the community, so I do believe that my conclusion about banning was correct.

So how many bannings does that make this month? I think it's a new record.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

And Now Back to Our Nicky Coverage

Nicky finally discovered, almost three months late, that I let the and domain registrations expire, and he sent me a little love note:

Frankly, I never did much with the two domains, wasn't happy with the templates available (I am not a whiz at web design, any text edits were always wonky, etc), and decided I had better uses for the $10 or so it would cost to renew the domains. So Nicky or anyone else can snap them up if desired.

Now since Nicky is back on-line and harassing folks again, I think it's time I posted another review of some of his work. When I left off, I had committed to a review of Nicky's "15 Minutes Before the 11th Hour". Todd and I will be working on our review of that over the next few days and hope to have it up soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pretentious Pseudo-Feminist Asshat of the Day

This is not a Nicky post.

I don't have time right now to write as long a post as I'd like right now, so the short version: Pretentious, self-righteous whinging and strident claims of sexism and misogyny where it does not appear to exist only damage real discussions about such issues. Posts like this give feminists a bad name.

(found via this post which came in through my Twitter feed.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Funny Nicky Photo

I couldn't resist. I saw this on another site and got permission to repost it here. McKayla Maroney is not impressed with Nicky, and who could blame her:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nicky's Back and Whining Away

Nicky is back and up to his old tricks again--insulting random authors on the Internet, making threats, and posting bigoted remarks. Nothing changes. Nicky's birthday was earlier this month, and even though, he is yet another year older, he still hasn't learned a darn thing about civility, critical thinking, or writing.

One of the recent spews is from his Blog of Whiner, where he complaints about someone changing his Amazon bio to something more reflective of the truth. Nicky doesn't see it this way, however (languag warning):
"...quit anally raping my page trying to make me looking like a damn homosexual and trying to say that Brian Keene is one of my influences."
Nicky has quite the fetish with "the back door". He mentions his favorite erogenous zone again a few sentences later, this time in reference to someone leaving tags on his books:
"The joke's over pal and hope you die of anal cancer for doing it."
Next cue some typical whining about how people who review his books and don't like them are as eveil as child-molesters, mass murderers and plagiarists. Here is Nicky's succinct opinion about reviews:
"Shut up and let people read my work legitimately instead of being the voice of fucking everybody."
And here is Nicky playing an Internet tough guy:
"I would like to invite you to say why you want me out of the business to my face when I am in Richmond, if you're a male I would shatter your teeth down your fucking throat."
Overall, it's the typical self-pitying whine from Nicky that we've all come to know and mock. Since he's back, though, I am considering starting up my book/story reviews again. Maybe I'll even finish "Tabloid Purposes: The Gemini Books". 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Update

Yes, I'm still here. However, Nicky has been quiet these last few months and has not threatened anyone I know or spouted off hate speech. As long as he continues to behave, I won't rip into his writing or personality.

Hope you all are having a nice spring so far. My fruit trees are almost in full bloom, and we're on our second blooming of iris. Happy days!