Saturday, July 13, 2013

And Now Back to Our Nicky Coverage

Nicky finally discovered, almost three months late, that I let the and domain registrations expire, and he sent me a little love note:

Frankly, I never did much with the two domains, wasn't happy with the templates available (I am not a whiz at web design, any text edits were always wonky, etc), and decided I had better uses for the $10 or so it would cost to renew the domains. So Nicky or anyone else can snap them up if desired.

Now since Nicky is back on-line and harassing folks again, I think it's time I posted another review of some of his work. When I left off, I had committed to a review of Nicky's "15 Minutes Before the 11th Hour". Todd and I will be working on our review of that over the next few days and hope to have it up soon.


Lewis said...

Ooh I do enjoy your reviews with Todd. Still this recent batch of stupidity is typical Nicky just when people are willing to leave him be he has to remind us all what a terrible excuse for a human being he is.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Shut the fuck up and let people submit to my anthologies you fucking rape-baby. You hide behind not having a photo on the web and you call me a fucking troll? You are the real troll here you faceless cunt. Go take some cyanide and chase it with some fucking rat poison you fucking bitch.

Jenny said...

Lewis, thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately, I've been busy working on my story, "The Cabbie Homicide", for an anthology submission, so I haven't had time to work much on the review.

Hiya, Nicky. I see you are still the same foul-mouthed little troll I've come to loathe and expect.