Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nicky Never Learns

Nicky has now found out that he will not be appearing the The Dark Fiction Spotlight and has decided to take his ire out on me on - of all places - my profile at VF. Nicky has already had two temporary bans from there for harassing members, and now he has decided to bitch and whine at me for something that happened on a different site. Here are his little nuggets, just in case he sees the light and deletes them:

Jun 27, 2010, 03:22am
You had no right to go looking in the google cache for Witch's Party. What the fuck were you trying to do? Sabotage the publication of that story. You stole my characters, telling people to avoid Lake Fossil Press then you write FAKE versions of Tabloid Purposes and it's planned sequel. COME UP WITH YOUR OWN FUCKING CONTENT YOU FACELESS CUNT!
Jun 27, 2010, 11:51am
So you go and leak the story before it's release date, you realize you FUCKED me out of having a story published because of that little stunt? That's right you decided to start an AVOID LAKE FOSSIL press thread and promote the bullshit covers that AngryInIllinois are putting out there. I will be holding that dropped contract over YOUR head for that one. Are you fucking proud of yourself you faceless cunt?
Jun 27, 2010, 11:53am
rebut this bitch
Jun 27, 2010, 01:24pm
You did a fucking thread to tell people to avoid Lake Fossil Press yet you promote your FAKE books and a bogus domain. IF you're going to fuck with Lake Fossil Pres, put your real face on the site you fucking bitch.
Jun 27, 2010, 03:00pm
The cunt "reviewed" a story that supposed to be published and she did a cache of the fucker that forced a leak. She leaked the story and she FUCKS with Tabloid Purposes on So you think I am going to let that lay to rest, FUCK NO. I want her career for that one.
Jun 27, 2010, 03:46pm
What gives you the FUCKING right to go reviewing a PIRATED novella that isn't even done yet? Do you really want to ruin me that much -- well I am going to see to it that your career is a fucking fraud, and the fact you created "your" shitty Tabloid Purposes is to STEAL from me. Get off my fucking coattails you faceless over-the-hill dyke.
Jun 27, 2010, 05:59pm
DO you think I want you knowing what releases I have on -- no I don't so I reported you to the admins of that site for harassment.
Jun 27, 2010, 06:11pm
You and your friends turned a prefectly good writers website into your personal fucking cesspool. If you're going to fucking pick on my work -- show your real face you fucking pathetic whore.
Jun 27, 2010, 07:31pm
You and your friends turned a prefectly good writers website into your personal fucking cesspool. If you're going to fucking pick on my work -- show your real face you fucking pathetic whore.
Jun 27, 2010, 07:49pm
Why are you so fucking hellbent on screwing me out of a local line up for the magazine and getting a good cover? Is it because you support those shit faggoty covers that AngryInIllinois put out there? By the way enjoy my blocklist you cunt.
My favorite part is where he thinks I have no right to use a public search engine. Karma's a bitch, isn't it, Nicky?

[ETA: He's like a demented Energizer bunny today. More comments added.]

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I obtained a copy of Nicky Pacione's story, THE WITCH'S PARTY, from the Google cache for The Dark Fiction Spotlight.

THE WITCH'S PARTY is (supposedly) a true story of the time Nicky went to a Halloween party. It's rather short by Nicky's current standards - only 2100 words - but oh, what a train wreck! Let's look at the opening sentences:
It was Halloween of 1997 when I was invited to a Halloween party in Naperville, Illinois, and I had no idea what was in store for me because this was an actual party helmed by Goths. I thought it was regular Halloween Party, but what I wasn’t expecting that the party was actually ran by actual witches.
I am confused. Was the party organized by Goths? or witches? or perhaps Goth witches (if there is such a thing)? Almost immediately after this, we have the first change from past to present tense, a problem that occurs multiple times throughout the story. It appears that the editors at TDFS are as lost when it comes to the basics of writing as Nicky is.

When Nicky gets to the party, he feels:
" the complete outsider at this party, everyone was in long capes and dresses...The men were wearing a little more dressy takes in black...I felt like the odd man out because I was the one who had the blue collar take,..."
Translation: Nicky was too cheap or too creatively-challenged to come up with a costume. He feels out of place, and reliving that memory while writing this story apparently caused him to fall back into his habit of shilling himself whenever possible. There's now a paragraph and a half of stuff about Nicky that is both amusing (to readers who know Nicky) and completely irrelevant to the story. The witches hold a seance - and this event, which could be the most interesting in the entire story, is given just one little declaratory statement - and Nicky:
"...sat on the couch without my binder full of the works I wrote,..."
WTF? As if any normal person would go to a Halloween party with a binder full of stories. But despite getting the creeps, Nicky:
"...had this feeling I should have ran, but I didn’t because I knew if I stayed I would have a hell of a horror story to tell when I got older."
I hope the story I'm reading now isn't it, because this story is Boring, with a capital B, which rhymes with T, which...oh nevermind. The party-goers have a Ouija board, and that further creeps Nicky out because, OMG, they are trying to contact the dead. And that's necromancy. Horrors! Nicky didn't try to stop them because:
"I was their invited guest. I didn’t want to piss them off by pulling the hellfire and brimstone preacher act, living up to my Online persona GothicPreacher. ...I watched and did nothing – after all, it was Devil’s Night."
Being intimidated by women and doing nothing both sound like entirely plausible behavior from Nicky. There's bit more hand-wringing from Nicky about how creepy the Ouija board is, how people have become possessed by demons while using one, and how he feels like he's in a horror film. He mentions Lovecraft, Blackwood, Poe, etc. He states that sometimes:
"...people would see the fucking heart shaped eye fly across the room."
"I was expecting something like that to happen at this party, but didn’t..."
And that's it. That's all that happened at the party. Some folks dressed in black played with a Ouija board, nothing happened, and Nicky got scared.

In summary, this is a typical Nicky "No Plot" Pacione story. There is nothing interesting or remotely scary about it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game Over - Part Four (Last Part)

Note: All excerpts are posted in accordance with U.S copyright law, which allows such excerpts to be used for the purposes of, amongst other things, commentary and critique.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but the person behind IN THE DEPTHS magazine who is supposedly dead is a schmuck named Zorn Hritz. Anyway... when we left Eugine, and his boyfriend co-editor Jerry, then were just entering the Borderlands diner.

The diner has a gray and black color scheme, and has pictures of the "grim reaper" and a poster of the Tarot death card on the walls. Some song by Cathedral -- which I assume is a heavy metal/doom metal/industrial metal/whatever-Nicky-is-into-today band -- is playing and:
"The staff looked like they could be a character of old Gothic horror short stories from the early 20th Century. The proprietor was tall and muscular, looked like he could pass off as a roadie for Type O Negative."
All the staff could be *one* character. Grammar-fail...again and often. Eugine makes a further observation:
"He and Jerry felt like the diner was similar to something breathing within the pages of the stories written by Zorn Hritz."
Yikes, creepy. Not. It gets better:
"It was if they were in over their head because this was the hangout of many of the writers from IN THE DEPTHS. The kind of place that plays in the minds of those who come from a Blue Collar angle with the Gothic. Some in there would come in with their Windows laptops and type up the true paranormal accounts to chilling evil horror yarns would come out of drinking a cup of Joe within these blasphemous walls."
Like another review of this heap o' crap said, the reader is now in one of Nicky's wet dreams. I feel icky just reading this.

After this bit of description, there's more of Eugine feeling dread, etc, just from the atmosphere. Come on, Eugine, suck it up. You're here to kick some Zorn ass!
"He started to think this place was too horrifying even for him, and he collects macabre medical oddities. The atmosphere within the diner seems like something spiritualist D.D. Home would dream up. That vibe gave both Jerry and Eugine the chills. Almost if someone was covering them with their own funeral dirt, they each felt the wind get knocked out them."
And this from the decor and the music. Eugine is starting to sound like as much of a drama queen as Nicky is. Remember Nicky had a psychological breakdown because one of former roommates made a joke about him needing a lobotomy. Nicky gets freaked out by pictures, hears voices when doped up and thinks they're ghosts, etc. Jeez. Eugine deserves so much better.
"Loud heavy metal music blasting from the speakers while she took their order. They weren't prepared for a heavy metal diner..."
Yeah, because diners with a heavy metal theme are so rare and so scary. Not.

Blah, blah, blah. More ungrammatical rambling. Nothing happening.

I'm starting to skim now because even after another couple of pages, we're still getting Eugine ruminating on the diner and on the deaths of his contributors. In fact, they arrive at the diner at about 13,600 words and at the end of my incomplete ARC at 23,200 words, they ARE STILL SITTING THE FUCKING DINER waiting for the mysterious Zorn to arrive. Ack.

Well, I suppose we can disuss the deaths of Eugine's contributors. Take this hilarious egomanical Gary-Stu passage:
It was if God himself actually gave them the middle finger because He saw something wrong in his eyes, the death was a touch of his wrath – not since he sent Sodom and Gomorrah in the depths of brimstone that the wrath had been fully unleashed to the contributors of SINNERS DANCE and judgment was in the pens of IN THE DEPTHS. The contributors of SINNERS DANCE had pawned their souls to be in the magazine...
I'm laughing so hard I can barely type. OK, back to the contributors' deaths. We have the following:

--Someone falling into the Fox River

--Lisa Carglio hanging herself

--Karen Lynn Moseley "impaled to the top of the fence like the way Vlad The Impaler would impale his victims" (Karen? Wonder who that is supposed to be?)

--Hanna Yellin getting hit by a car. Of this death, Nicky writes: "God really saw something wrong in his eyes when it came to her, pretty much gave the female abomination the middle finger as the bitch died." Nicky has a very warped sense of the Bible and Christianity..but we already knew that didn't we.

--"Stephen Nicolas Marshall getting impaled in the forehead with a two inch wide and a eight foot rod flying through the windshield of his 1973 Olds."

(I should interrupt to add that, interspersed with mentions of God, there are also references to Hades and "the ferryman". Religion-fail. Nicky, you should pick a religion and stick to it. 'kay? Good.)

(I also need to interrupt for the following: "The burials became fodder for Nickolaus Allan Cicerone's short story “The Burial Of The Young.” In the story, he would be describing how they would be scratching at the inner walls of the closed caskets if they were buried prematurely." Probably another story WHERE NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS.)

--"Janis Beresford who ran a venomous gossip blogzine that took a shit upon people who wrote within the pages of In The Depths. They later found chatty little bitch beheaded from a shard of steel." Her sin: "Beresford often stalked the author, Zorn Hritz in his life because she didn't like what he did..."

(Sorry, more interruptions for sheer lulz: "The kind of thing that would be coming from the pages of Nickolaus Cicerone... Cicerone and Hritz often traded ideas back and forth for stories, sometimes using each other's stories as backdrops for eerie tales of the afterlife. Cicerone actually revised some of Zorn's works that were finished, but still on the word processor as his best friend passed away. They even collaborated on one which the subject matter was about retribution from the afterlife called “Pacione's Laugher.”)

--"a Madison, Wisconsin, based industrial performer screaming about being liquored up. Found him beheaded with a thick sheet of metal while driving drunk down the highway."

--Jessica Wagner (LOL!) and Joe Capote drown in the Atlantic Ocean. According to Nicky, they both plagiarized from Nickolaus Cicerone. Hahaha.

And there my e-ARC ends. Regardless, I think we all know how it ends: Zorn shows up, and Eugine and Jerry kick his scrawny, greasy, dwarf ass back to wherever he came from.

At least that's how I picture it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nicky Pirates CDs!!!!!

Pardon the interuption from my review of GAME OVER, but this just in: Nicky engages in the piracy of rock music CDs. From a post at VF:


forum info]
system overload
Posts: 515

Doom MetalJune 12, 2010, 03:19:pm

I used to have a SLEEP album on tape, my best friend dubbed it from CD for me and it was one of those bands I haven't heard in years. They were more in the territory of doing Stoner style doom metal.

You know what they say about people who live in glass houses, Nicky?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Game Over - Part Three

Note: All excerpts are posted in accordance with U.S copyright law, which allows such excerpts to be used for the purposes of, amongst other things, commentary and critique.

After Eugine opens the envelope and finds the invitation to meet at a diner, Eugine and Jerry talk for (quite!) a while, mostly about the heroic contributors to SINNERS DANCE who have been murdered in various ways.

“…[Jerry] knew exactly who died, two of them were his best friends for nearly fourteen years -- now their souls are in the inferno.”

Um, why does he think they are in hell? We’ve been given no reason for them to be in hell rather than heaven…except that they sent a story to a magazine that the villain didn’t like.

Eugine moans about how seeing pictures or reading obituaries give him nightmares. Now he’s starting to sound like Nicky, who freaks out over things that normal people have no problem with. Note that we also have mention of figures from Greek mythology as well as Christianity. Religion-fail for Nicky. And I want to tell Eugine to suck it up and do something about the harassment.

“It was if he was stepping in the territory of the 815 nation they always penned things like that instead of the whole alternative angle…”

Sound familiar. Like from one of Nicky’s blogs. Lather, rinse, repeat.

“The blackened horror displayed on the screen of a person wearing a black “Lord's Gym” hooded sweatshirt”

Nicky = villain = Gary Stu.

Then Eugine makes a decision:

“but I am going to take this mysterious stranger up on their invitation.”

Yay, he’s finally going to *do* something, even if it strikes me as a TSTL move – particularly because:

“My girlfriend would call these kind of letters divine appointments, or something of that nature…”

Bwhahaha. Nicky as a divine anything? *snort* Then there’s more blah, blah, blah where Eugine thinks more the contributors who died and about the contributors to the villain’s magazine, IN THE DEPTHS. Jeez, he made a decision, so let’s get on with it. Although this is LOL:

“some of the writers could pass for members of The Hells Angels”

Nicky only wishes he were this tough. If confronted with a real Hell’s Angel, he’d probably giggle and run away like a little…I hate to say girl, because I know little girls with more brains and courage than he has. Good fucking grief, we are 9300 words into this brain-frying epic o’ fail, and all that’s happened is back story and the opening of an envelope. This kind of reminds of PASSENGER where the characters talk, talk, talk the entire time and don’t do anything. Seth Miles is still pretty pissed about that. He’ll be stopping by this blog to share his story of surviving Nicky in the coming month.

Then there’s an abrupt scene change to a club – at least I think the scene changed and it wasn’t just more ruminating; sometimes, it’s hard to tell with Nicky’s writing – and we’re treated to ruminating by another character and another repetitive description of:

“one of the stories, the one called GAME OVER --- the one where the author is photographed wearing a black Lord's Gym hooded sweatshirt”

Nicky has mentioned a Lord’s Gym sweatshirt so many times, I just have to ask…what is Lord’s Gym? Does it have anything to do with religion or is it just the name of the person who started the gym (franchise)?

This club scene – where nothing happens – lasts about 1300 words. The Eugine goes back to his office and….wait for it…ruminates further on the letter.

“[Eugine’s contributors] didn't survive to see the deadline – the first to die just as they got their works published within the pages of SINNERS DANCE, but they had their epitaph printed upon the page. As that epitaph was written a tarot card was staring right back at them – The Death Card.”

Grammar-fail. New-Age-fail. Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of the Tarot knows that the Death Card does not signify death, but a major change or transformation in one’s life.

“[Eugine] kept imagining the blood of the dead upon his hands and living out the plot of a story from the magazine IN THE DEPTHS.”

Eugine must have had a lot drink – or smoke, if he’s a pot head like Nicky used to be – at the club because it’s pretty clear the villain, the editor of IN THE DEPTHS, is the one responsible for the horrible murders. I hope Eugine kicks his ass at the diner. Or better yet, Eugine should call the cops and have them meet the villain at the diner.

Then there’s yet more (make it stop! make it stop!) ruminating about the letter, about the deaths of his writers, and about the writers for IN THE DEPTHS:

“…by the entry from IN THE DEPTHS written by Judas Orion Cicerone (pictured wearing a PANTERA shirt – the author is a cousin of Nickolaus Allan Cicerone,)…”

And finally we have another abrupt scene change to:

“The meeting at the diner was a few days later…”

Finally, at 13,600 words, the next bit of action after opening the envelope. Arrgh. And I thought Nicky’s blog entries were tl;dr. This “master work” of his is eye-glazingly, brain-numbingly tl;dr. Fortunately, my tomorrow night does not include writing Part 4 of this review (look for it on Saturday); tomorrow is Zumba and margaritas – not at the same time, although that might do wonders for my dance skills.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Game Over - Part Two

Note: All excerpts are posted in accordance with U.S copyright law, which allows such excerpts to be used for the purposes of, amongst other things, commentary and critique.

So after about 1800 words of backstory (can you say "infodump"), the plot *finally* kicks in. The hero, Eugine Verner, editor of SINNERS DANCE magazine, receives a mysterious note:
The note was folded into a small envelope, and didn't seem like it was from someone in this area.
WTF? Either the envelope had a return address--in which case he would be able to read where it was from--or it didn't--in which case he would have no way of knowing where it was from. Eugine doesn't want to open the note because:
There was a sense of dread in the air when he saw the letter, so he refrained from opening it because he's seen many of these and one of them was the picture of him on the dart board as a voodoo doll...
OK, so a picture like that might be kind of spooky. More descriptions of the envelope:
...just that the envelope was staring right at his face. Almost if the fucking thing was staring right at his soul. Just something about that small envelope gets to him, if it wasn't from this world in itself.
..the envelope appeared if it had a pair eyes. It was staring at him for good two hours, almost if the thing had a life of its own
Now he's just being melodramatic. But wait...
The return address on the envelope read Wheaton, Illinois, not just Wheaton but Wheaton College.
Look at that. The envelope did have a return address. Nicky and consistency must be feuding more than usual these days. Eugine ruminates further on the villains (and uses his heroic powers of clairvoyance to know things about them that he would have no other way of knowing:
...[Eugine and his co-editor, Jerry] were haunted by the Southlands Blue Collar Horror Movement. A bunch of bastards who openly crank Stranglehold by Ted Nugent, Disposable Heroes by Metallica, Sober by TOOL, or Empire by Queensryche – some of them were photographed wearing a Master of Puppets shirt and some drawn sitting with Edgar Allan Poe and Rod Serling in a diner.
Bwahahaha. Gary Stu. Eugine then ruminates on the deaths of some of his also-heroic contributors. Some have died in car or motorcycle accidents, by suicide, and drug overdose. Eugine does a lot of ruminating on things. Nicky isn't very good at plotting, and he leaves poor Eugine sitting around a lot. I'm pretty sure Lewis will treat Eugine better. Finally Eugine expresses his frustration with the villains trying to force him to print stuff he doesn't want to print (it's Eugine's magazine after all, so it should be his choice):
I hate these blue collar types trying to take over. Just something about them really bother me – ...Damn them all to hell, fucking bastards.
My sympathy goes out to Eugine at this point, although I do wish he would stop whining and do something. Like call the police and report the villain for harrassment via the U.S. Mail system. Not only has the villain (whose name we have yet to learn, but I'll find it for Part 3) been sending notes and videos to Eugine, but the contributors to his magazine have been writing stories threatening the contributors to Eugine's magazine.

Then Eugine finally opens the note:
...the letter says meet [the author of the note] out to a diner along North Avenue in Lombard on Saturday. They were being very cryptic with the letter but the person is a contributor to In The Depths.... The letter said for me the meet them at a diner on Saturday during the afternoon. The person behind the letter will reveal themselves then. They drew out a map of the area for me to find the place, I am familiar with Lombard.
No, Eugine, don't fall for it! And major grammar-fail in those quotes. And finally for today, Eugine uses his powers of clairvoyance again and makes a gruesome discovery:
Then the author's signature was signed in lamb's blood.
Not just blood, mind you, but lamb's blood.

Coming in Part 3, Eugine ruminates for another couple thousand words or so, then makes a decision.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Game Over - Part One

Note: All excerpts are posted in accordance with U.S copyright law, which allows such excerpts to be used for the purposes of, amongst other things, commentary and critique.

Since Nicky has been whining a lot lately about GAME OVER, I thought it might be fun to take a further look at this supposed masterpiece. Here are the opening two sentences (which should actually be three sentences):
Magazine deadline comes soon and not enough submissions, Eugine Verner ran a magazine which publishes everything and anything under the sun. He often shunned the idea from doing a genre mag, but he geared to the Gothic just not the blue collar kind though .
What a stunning example of grammatical beauty. Not. And who spells Eugene as Eugine? Nicky, apparently. I'm surprised that he manages to spell his own name correctly. Oh wait.... "Ablert". Anyway, the story continues:
He tends to like the elegant side but something ate at him, the deadline was ticking as a dark beast brooding in. The day was coming that he had to get it done. He had blue collar writers asking to be featured in the magazine but he usually ignored their requests. One blue collar writer actually invited him to contribute to a publication he ran, the response was one that was rather cold.
Someday Nicky is going to figure out how to keep one verb tense through an entire story, and it will shock the hell out of me.

The above passage is also where it becomes apparent that this is going to be another Gary Stu story where someone resembling Nicky takes revenge on someone resembling a conglomeration of several people that Nicky hates.

It continues:
Eugine was DJ on the north side of Chicago that spun EBM and refused to read Stephen King or Robert Bloch. The writers he turned down were the ones that were trying to kick down the doors were just those kind of writers.

Gary Stu for sure. This is Eugine talking about the writers he doesn't like:

“Some of these writers are just sick, but they refuse to touch the stuff I publish. I want PVC not denim clad, someone who spells alternative. Not these damned blue collar takes of Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits – Rod Serlings with long hair and listen to Metallica,”
Does that sound like the real-life rangtings anyone we know? Yep. As the story continues, we learn that the hero - the previously mentioned Eugine Verner - has a girlfriend who reads the magazine, In the Depths, which put out by the villain. The villain is described thusly:

...the editor is often hospitalized for some physical condition. They would say he drinks blood twice a year to keep himself healthy. He's always pictured wearing a black Lord's Gym hooded sweatshirt because he's a Christian....
...The editor amassed a controversial reputation because he's driven by his faith in the direction of the magazine he went from publishing blasphemous yarns to being more faith based with Gothic Horror yarns...
...the magazine is helmed by some god-mother-fucking-damned religious fanatic! No wonder why it's so disturbing. He doesn't publish erotic yarns in the mag, but in some way it's more disturbing than anything out there today...

Hahahahaha. Does Nicky write any stories these days that don't feature him as one of the characters? Although in this story, the Nicky character is the villain. Do you suppose that is a sign Nicky is becoming aware of what a jackass he really is?

Finally - for today's post - here is Eugine's co-editor Jerry talking about contributors to the villain's magazine:
“Many of the writers of In The Depths are well versed with heavy metal music and one of them read the book The Great God Pan while another was well versed with The King In Yellow. They did a story which made references to Victim Of A Higher Space. ”
Well, tomorrow we'll continue with the critique. More excerpts will follow. Maybe I'll even let Todd Hollins and Seth Miles have a go at it...when they're done with "Apt #2W" that is.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Nicky is a Day Late and a Dollar Short

A little filler until I get something else posted...

Nicky finally got around to reading my blog - probably because I sent him a congratulatory e-mail on finally getting suspended at VampireFreaks.

Nicky's response:
I will be back there tomorrow and I will be reporting you for having more than one handle, and using your blog entry to get you screwed from there. Going around stealing my characters from Passenger and from House of Spiders. get your own characters you bitch. I guess you have to answer to the press in Joliet for stealing Tabloid Purposes -- you're not going to fool anyone with your plagiarsm.
Nicky apparently read my entry from April 25 where I talked about having a second account at VF. Unfortunately for Nicky, I deleted that second account in early May when I realized you weren't supposed to have multiple accounts. He can tell the admins, but it would be futile. Or counter-productive. Because if they look at my account, they will see the nasty little comment he left for me.

I'm also wondering why the hell I should care about the press in Joliet.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nicky Lulz at Shocklines

Rusty has already covered some of this, but I find it lulzy none-the-less.

Hook was almost part of EG 10 but he wanted out in the 11th Hour. Hook is a good writer but he couldn't handle the intense fishbowl environment that is a Lake Fossil Press publication. I am not angry with him for backing out, that was the reason I have the 2 week warning rule with the magazine. That is of they want out before it goes to press, and if I have the master files handy.
Real publishers - or even folks with a teaspoon of common sense - would keep all the necessary files for each project in, say, one directory on their computer and then BACK THEM UP.

Nicky on why he is anti-teen pregnancy:

She was born in 1961. It's common history when people come to my website and the reason why I speak out against teen pregnancy.
Nicky is anti-teen pregnancy because his mom gave birth to him. Ironic, eh?

It's assholes like you that cause people to hate me before giving my work a chance
No, Nicky, it's assholes like *you* who cause people to hate you. Although, we actually don't hate you. Hate is too intense a word; we just pity you and laugh at you.

GAME OVER was born -- and this one is still being written, I drop the other f-word in that one in the beginning.
Just for fun, I ran GAME OVER through a word frequency counter. Nicky used the "f-word" or a version of it 60 times in 23,000 words, which works out to about 2 times per page of text. We all know how Nicky loves the word "horror", so I also looked for that word and versions of it. "Horror" or "horrors" was used 97 times; add in 8 more instances if you count "horrifying" and "horrific". Nicky is nothing of if not repetitive.