Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nicky and Ray Faraday Nelson

[ETA: Any VampireFreaks admins who might read this, please see this post.]

Tonight I've been kicking back, doing laundry, and lurking on VF under my other account (my "invisible" one that has a weird username that Nicky would never think was me and that he won't block or bombard with comments) and watching the "
LAKEFOSSIL/Nickykins and some butthurt" thread in the Vampirefreaks cult. It just rolled over onto the sixth page, but this tidbit, posted by Paul Taylor on Page 5 caught my attention:

I just found out something interesting. First, Pacione, let me say that I have professional contacts that you could only dream of. I have gone to cons and workshops, I've socialized (without pimping my own work or otherwise being an ass), and I've learned a lot that will help me in my future career.

Here's what I just learned minutes ago from one of those contacts: you've been pestering Ray Faraday Nelson. I understand that you asked him if you could run his story "Eight O'Clock in the Morning" in one of your various magazines, and he said yes. Does Ray know what kind of a troll and a bigot you are? I wonder if he would want his name associated with yours in any way if he read the stuff you've been posting here and on your blogs?

Maybe someone should let him know what he's agreed to...
I haven't heard of Ray Faraday Nelson, so I followed the link in the post (there's one more line I didn't copy), and it looks like Nelson is actually a reputable professional author and cartoonist. Which begs the question: why would he agree to let Nicky run one of his stories. I'm assuming that he is just a nice guy who hasn't a clue who or what Nicky really is.


Lewis said...

I really enjoyed The Last Days of Phillip K. Dick that he gas on his website, I think I'll keep an eye out for his books when I'm at the library.

Jenny said...

I love Phillip K Dick's short stories, so I'll definitely check that out.

I do hope Nelson somehow finds out what Nicky is really like so that he has a chance to reconsider letting Nicky have a reprint of his story.

Al Kilyu said...

The story itself is amazingly short. I'm not kidding someone could write a review of They Live and it'd be longer than Ray's story. Takes well under five minutes to read, less if you speed read like I do. If it filled two pages of Nicky's "magazine" I'd be amazed.

On one hand I expected a LOT more in terms of length, but it's (really) short sweet and to the point with zero filler. Also tells us what would have started at the end of They Live.

Still, Nicky shouldn't be allowed to use it.

Al Kilyu said...

And just in case evil wins and he gets to use it, here is a link so you don't have to read EG to enjoy it.;sa=item;id=237

Jenny said...

Thanks for the link; I found the story.

I hope someone lets Ray Nelson know what Nicky's reputation is like. It won't be me. I don't feel comfortable e-mailing him out of the blue, "So I heard this rumor..."