Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nicky Spouts More Hate Speech

Our favorite little cyber-bully is at it again tonight on Shocklines. (I've edited a couple of words out of the posts below because I can't, in good conscience, put those words on my blog.)

Addressed to the lovely Karen Koehler: "Hey [c-word], quit hijacking my thread. I am trying to get some business done in replacing a plagiarist, so find yourself something better to do such as violate copyrights of anime."

Addressed to Raingod: "Got AIDS yet? I appreciate that you refrain from threadjacking my thread you motherfucking homo. Oh I actually do relate to the murderers of Matt Shepard because they could have been friends of mine in Glendale Heights. Get a life you no name [f-word]."

Lovely. Nicky accuses others of bullying him, and yet he leaves messages like this for people.