Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Further Rantings from Nicky Pacione

In my last post, I put up a conversation I have been engaged in with Nicky on Authorsden. After a bit of a lull, Nicky has come back with both barrels blazing and offered up some more lulz. I give you "further conversation with a deluded idiot": (warning bad language below).

Also, as I noted in my previous post, these messages were posted to my public message board on Authorsden.

Posted by Nickolaus Pacione (author) at 8/18/2010 3:12:54 PM

You pissed on Barb's memory -- and the truth of the matter there she was my beta reader for An Eye In Shadows and the reason I was in the Stoker running was because of her. So yes I will bring Barb up to you because you're pissing on her memory and you're stealing my fucking characters you fucking cunt. You faceless sow -- cease and desist with your domain because you're fucking with Tabloid Purposes II when you're doing that.

So kindly let me publish my sequels in piece. If she didn't want anything to do with me she would have said so you fucking bitch. So kindly piss off and kill youself you fucking faceless whore.
Posted by Nickolaus Pacione (author) at 8/18/2010 3:17:27 PM

Lake Fossil Press isn't a shit publisher and I am not a shit writer, you just fucking hate what I do and did with the company that much you heartless bitch. You need to not cross Watts because he is part of Lake Fossil Press and I will defend every writer on the roster except for Jane Timm Baxter who deservers every bit of my wrath as you deserve my wrath -- Barb is the reason that Tabloid Purposes II really took off and she had my back the entire time of it. I do consider Barb a good friend and you're shitting on her memory you fucking sow. Burn in hell you faceless cunt. Why do you want to destroy what I created from the ground up, you're encouraging plagiarism with GAME OVER when that novella isn't even done -- you do what you're doing. I WILL make you a horror target and make a mint off you.
Posted by Nickolaus Pacione (author) at 8/18/2010 3:22:08 PM

Don't EVER put me in with PublishAmerica AGAIN. You're not published well I don't consider that shit book published you did -- that wasn't even funny and you're misleading Tabloid Purposes, and you wonder why I am so hostile with you. Well you STOLEN two of my characters to burn me -- Todd And Joanna Hollins of House of Spiders and for that I will use either your true last name or Wagner for your last name and go pro with it. I will Make a Mint on you if you want to keep FUCKING with Lake Fossil Press -- I worked with a lot of good writers and they're loyal.
Posted by Jenny Torgerson (author) at 8/18/2010 6:57:16 PM

You were never in the running for a Stoker. Someone said one of your anthologies *should* be recommended, not that it *was* recommended. And frankly recommended (which your book wasn't) doesn't mean squat. Anyone can recommend any book. Heck, I could get "Tabloid Purposes: A Road Trip" recommended if I wanted to. Only the books which are "nominated" have any claim to the prestige associated with the award.

Lake Fossil Press *is* a "shit publisher" (to use your words). Just like PublishAmerica...except PublishAmerica makes money. Unfortunately. And your stories are ungrammatical and incoherent. If that's not the definition of shitty writing, then I don't know what is.

Regarding "Game Over"...YOU CANNOT COPYRIGHT A TITLE. Jeez, how many times do people have to tell you that?

Finally, I don't care if you use my name in a story. In fact, it's kind of flattering that you find me a muse. Will you at least send me a copy? Maybe I'll even feature it on my blog.

I'll update this when Nicky gets back to me with more incoherent bitching.

Nicky added two more comments today, Friday Aug 20, around lunch time:

Jenny Torgerson: PISS OFF I was actually recommended for the stoker.

Jenny Torgerson: you''re not getting a damn thing from me.

I think someone is butthurt.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nicky Dwells in Self-Pity

I've really had it with Nicky's delusions and nastiness. We're having beautiful weather here this weekend, and I have more productive things to do than read Nicky's whining crap about how he's been cyberbullied and abused. Those productive things include yard work, replacing my dishwasher, finishing stories for Janrae's anthology, going for a run, etc. All much more mentally healthy than dealing with Nicky-troll.

Until I return, I give you my conversation with Nicky on Authorsden. My message board at AD is public, although you have to be a member to see it (free sign-up), so these are not private messages I'm reposting.

Posted by Jenny Torgerson (author) at 7/25/2010 12:45:16 PM
Nicky, you lost your Xanga blog because you threatened to kill me. That's hardly the same as a poor review.
Posted by Nickolaus Pacione (author) at 8/3/2010 1:11:03 PM
I guess you are really a blackhearted bitch.
Posted by Jenny Torgerson (author) at 8/3/2010 2:22:34 PM
Nicky, I think you're over-reacting to a bad review.
Posted by Nickolaus Pacione (author) at 8/4/2010 3:17:37 AM
Bullshit -- you come on as my fucking characters so that pisses me off. Why must you use my characters to do that you blackhearted cunt?
Posted by Jenny Torgerson (author) at 8/4/2010 6:30:03 AM
Your characters? What are you talking about? Have you had a character named Jenny Torgerson in one of your stories? If so, it's pure coincidence because this is my name.
Posted by Nickolaus Pacione (author) at 8/5/2010 7:24:35 AM
Listen you fucking FACEELES BITCH -- stop fucking with my characters such as Todd Hollins, now you got me suspended I am out for blood. I will find out who you really are and will press charges.
Posted by Jenny Torgerson (author) at 8/5/2010 2:28:23 PM
Nicky, I did not "get you suspended" from that other site. You did it yourself by not following the rules and by cursing, fighting with others, and bringing off-site drama onto that site.

Also, I do hope you realize that my message board here is public. Anyone Googling you will find it and the threats you have been making. I may also have to add this to
Posted by Nickolaus Pacione (author) at 8/6/2010 7:10:56 PM
Do you really hate me that much that you would destroy a 13 year career -- you're a dirty mod and I will get you pulled from James told me how to do it. I will have you exposed as such. I just confronted somone for stealing my stories and shit like that telling him he needs to come up with his own fucking ideas such as you should do you fucking cunt and leave TABLOID PURPOSES alone. Let me do my GEMINI in peace instead of you taking a shit on the idea, you're also shitting on the memory of one of the biggest supporters of the books too. Yes you're shitting on Barb's memory by doing that domain.
Posted by Jenny Torgerson (author) at 8/7/2010 7:26:46 AM
Nicky, wow, what a bunch of delusional crap.

Do I hate you? No, that would be too strong word. But ever since we met, you been nothing but nasty and spiteful to me and others that I know. You call me names, question my integrity, send me nasty e-mails, and cast aspersions on my character. You threatened to kill me and burn down my house after *you* made a mistake with your Lulu pricing. What have you ever done that I should like or respect you? Nothing. Honestly, I think you are a horrible excuse for a human being.

As to Ning, I seriously doubt they would remove someone for "being a bad mod" whatever that means. Besides, I think I'm doing a decent job over there.

Finally, don't bring up Barb to me again. I've heard from others that she was a classy lady who wanted nothing to do with you. My saying Lake Fossil Press is a crappy publisher that should be avoided is not the same as saying that everyone LFP published is a crappy writer. There's a difference between the business and the writers. Just look at PublishAmerica. Even they manage to snag good writers sometimes.

Nicky has also been sending my PM's at WritersCafe. That site is down now, but I may post part of that conversation, too, later.