The Ethereal Gazette Issue 12 - Summary

This page will remain up until I have completed my review of all the stories in the Ethereal Gazette Issue 12, and then it will be turned into a post. Below is a quick summary of my story reviews to date:

"Eight O’Clock in the Morning" by Ray Faraday Nelson - a classic sci-fi story - B+
     (available for free here)

"Motopsycho" by Rick Curti - badly written - D-

"A Black Awakening" by Deborah Richards - a confusing mess with no plot - F

"Letters from the Hotel Starlight" by Ken "K.K." Kupstis - interesting concept, execution could be better - B-

"Two Alcoholics" by Paula Villegas - slow-moving with a confusing ending - C-

"Wrong Turn" by Rosemary J. Harrison - unoriginal plot - C

"The Cure" by Carol Sullivan - incorrect facts and writing errors - D+

"The Sacrifice" by Laura Via - confusing and unengaging - D

"The Midnight Diner" by Nicky Pacione - the usual gramamtical and structural mess but with a semblance of a plot - D--

"And the Name of God Is" by Barry Eysman - literary horror - B

"Depths" by C.I. Kemp - engaging, with a nice pay-off - A-

"Fatal Humors" by Lucian Anabeli - stilted writing, unnatural dialogue - D

"The Smiling Undertaker" by Brent L. Petretti - good idea, poorly executed - C

"Kissing Off Amber" by Ken Goldman - well-written, confusing ending - B
     (available for free here)

"Where Did Everyone Go" by Kayla Thomas - good effort by a young writer - B

"The Phantom Coach" by Amelia Edwards - old-style prosy horror is not my thing - C
     (available for free here)

"Blessed Be the Bloody" by Monette Bebow-Reinhard - a poor adaptation of a Nicky story - D+

"Conjurella: The Unauthorized Version" by T. Casey Brennan - non-fiction??? - DNF
   (available for free here)

"Sanctuary" by Lee Cushing - excerpt, not a complete story - C
   (available for free here)

"The Horror at Martin's Beach" by H.P. Lovecraft and Sonia Greene - old-style prosy horror is not my thing - C-
     (available for free here)

"In the Shadow of the Emerald City" by Jason Andrew - gets some basics wrong - C-

"Hell on Wheels" by Terry Lloyd Vinson - unusual style, but engaging - B+
     (available for free here)

"Rosh Hashannah" by Scott Meade - clumsy and juvenile writing - D-

"Going Wild" by Christopher Dabrowski - interesting premise, but falls apart - D

"Connection Lost" by Eric Mangum - factual issues, too much telling - D

"Happy Anniversary!" by Todd Martin - good plot, needs fine-tuning - B-
     (available for free here)

"Threat Detected" by Andrew Boughton - slow beginning, better ending - C

"The Scorpion Temple" by S.G. Cardin - failure of facts and premise - C+

"Hex" by Larry M. Harris - great conflict - A-
     (available for free here)

"Elegy" by Charles Beaumont - eerie with a sad ending - B+
     (available for free here)