Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nicky's Back and I Get a Mention

I guess it's no secret that Nicky has been back on-line, at least briefly. Since so many of his accounts have been shut down, he has relatively few places to vent his spleen in even more ungrammatical than usual English. Lulu happens to be one place that hasn't permanently blocked him, and he has made Issue 8 of the Ethereal Gazette available there.

I was reading through the introduction, written by Nicky of course, and found this little nugget (he's been rambling on about the history of Tabloid Purposes up to this point):

"... - then a fucking "parody" of the book. She called the counterstone story the one that focused her "parody" on. Yeah that one called This parody of the story was the worst of all and they stole my characters repeatedly, the story in question is "Cyber:Terror:Dwarf" there is one word I have to say to that and that her being a total bitch for doing this. Fuck you lady, fuck you. I bid you GOOD DAY! Which is a old time version of shut the fuck up, that was the equal to that being the meaning of those two words. Her fake Tabloid Purposes being a highly downloaded book convincing people not to get the real books."

Nicky, I doubt the presence of my parody Tabloid Purposes kept anyone from buying your books. I suspect that most people who downloaded the book found it through my blog or Rusty's -- and those people already know you can't write. And I made it free. I'm sure that was a large reason for so many downloads.