Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nicky Lulz at Shocklines

Rusty has already covered some of this, but I find it lulzy none-the-less.

Hook was almost part of EG 10 but he wanted out in the 11th Hour. Hook is a good writer but he couldn't handle the intense fishbowl environment that is a Lake Fossil Press publication. I am not angry with him for backing out, that was the reason I have the 2 week warning rule with the magazine. That is of they want out before it goes to press, and if I have the master files handy.
Real publishers - or even folks with a teaspoon of common sense - would keep all the necessary files for each project in, say, one directory on their computer and then BACK THEM UP.

Nicky on why he is anti-teen pregnancy:

She was born in 1961. It's common history when people come to my website and the reason why I speak out against teen pregnancy.
Nicky is anti-teen pregnancy because his mom gave birth to him. Ironic, eh?

It's assholes like you that cause people to hate me before giving my work a chance
No, Nicky, it's assholes like *you* who cause people to hate you. Although, we actually don't hate you. Hate is too intense a word; we just pity you and laugh at you.

GAME OVER was born -- and this one is still being written, I drop the other f-word in that one in the beginning.
Just for fun, I ran GAME OVER through a word frequency counter. Nicky used the "f-word" or a version of it 60 times in 23,000 words, which works out to about 2 times per page of text. We all know how Nicky loves the word "horror", so I also looked for that word and versions of it. "Horror" or "horrors" was used 97 times; add in 8 more instances if you count "horrifying" and "horrific". Nicky is nothing of if not repetitive.


Lewis said...

I just love his constant claims that I'm plagiarising his unfinished or unavailable works. He does more promotion for my parodies than I've ever done.

Out of curiosity how many times does "describe" pop up in Game Over, as in something that couldn't be described?

Jenny said...

Surprisingly, there's only one instance each of "describe", "describes", and "describing".

Hm...there are 72 instances of "diner" (or close variants) and 149 instances of "contributor" (or close variants), and 124 instances of "depths". Interesting.

Lewis said...

Oh Lordy me, I knew I was right to start my Game Over in a diner but it's depressing that he's so obvious. I really need to get back to work on that soon, but I have a promise or two to keep first.