Friday, August 16, 2013

Nicky Fails to Understand What "Goth" Means to Real Goths

After finally getting banned from DeviantArt (twice!) and Shocklines (three times!), our favorite little Goth-wannabe has been posting up a storm on Google+. His postings can be seen here.

If you scroll down, you can see that many of his posts to the Goth community regarding music have been deleted. This is indicated by the crossed out category just before the date. For example, this post about Black Sabbath:

This is but one of many. Nicky also posted about Iron Maiden, Saviour Machine, Empyrean Sky, Slayer, and others. Now notice that the name of the community--in the upper left hand corner of the post--is also crossed out. This means, I think, that Nicky has been banned from the community. Curious, I trotted on over to the Goth community and found this little gem:

LOL. Nicky utter fails yet again to understand the culture he so desperately longs to be a part of. Nicky's name doesn't show in the member list for the community, so I do believe that my conclusion about banning was correct.

So how many bannings does that make this month? I think it's a new record.


Anonymous said...

Traveller28 said...

Heh, his latest run in with one of the masters of horror, Mr Ramsay Campbell had me in stitches. God, NP is an asshat, lol!! Although, he would probably enjoy being an asshat. Wrong choice of words, I guess.

Keep boosting the signal!

Jonathan Kennedy said...

Thanks to Ramsey Campbell, I just learned about Nickolaus Pacione. I've spent the last two hours looking up information about him. I do my best to keep up with horror, but his name has somehow slipped through the cracks. All I say is, "Wow, that dude is fucking (sorry, fucken) nuts!" I mean, seriously, how does ANYONE spend that much time talking about how great and amazing they are and not have at the least bit of talent?

J. Grant said...

On the one hand, Pacione is a bag of rotten dicks.

On the other, as an older Goth, I would argue that Black Sabbath, especially older Black Sabbath, most certainly WAS a goth band. They were THE proto-goth-metal band.

In conclusion, Pacione is an idiot.