Monday, March 29, 2010

Nicky's Lack of Reading Comprehension

I get another mention in Nicky's latest blogger post here. As usual, Nicky has read something on my blog and at the same time, *not* read it. He says:
"...some cunt named HorrorGal bought the e-book of the anthology I appear in -- she's going around offering pirated copies of the book too."
Assuming he is talking about the Withersin Birth Issue, it was made available by Withersin. I only linked to the page put up by Withersin.

If he's talking about any of the first four Tabloid Purposes, then he's really off his rocker. I am not now sending -- nor have I ever sent -- anyone a copy of those files. Nicky is full of BS, as usual.

This isn't the first time he's shot off his mouth and made false statements about something I've posted. He has previously accused me of linking from my Tabloid Purposes website to the new Ethereal Gazette site. He was wrong, of course, but I have yet to receive an apology after pointing out that error.


Ben Flanagan said...

If Pacione abso-fuckin’-lutely refuses to publish sexual content, then what is the following passage doing in a story in current issue of the Ethereal Gazette:

“…she felt Cain’s hand on her thigh; it crept up her soft leg until it was under her skirt and between her legs. Blakely scootched forward on the seat and casually spread her legs. She moaned as Cain pushed two fingers into her and twirled them around inside her body which caused her to openly moan. Blakely could feel her wetness seeping over her thighs, his fingers,and forming a small puddle beneath her ass on the leather seat. Within minutes she grasped the seat with her fingernails and an exhausted moan of an orgasm slipped between her lips.”

Nickolaus Pacione said...

ARe you really that fucking hellbent? ARe you really that much of a CUNT to mislead people about the real two Tabloid Purposes books. The real ones don't even have the complete GLS. Tabloid Purposes isn't your book to do that with you fucking fat cunt.

Jenny said...

Hi, Ben, thanks for the tip. I've seen discussion of that at ETT. I agree with you that Nicky is coming off as quite the hypocrite.

Hi, Nicky. My "Tabloid Purposes: A Road Trip" *is* a real book. It's posted at Lulu and is up to 270 downloads. I got a little surge of downloads recently after the link to my website was posted at vamprefreaks. Thanks for the promo.