Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nicky on Shocklines

Nicky's been a busy boy on Shocklines today. Some of the amusement includes a post on this page from this morning:
I've been writing opuses these days and one troll leaked parts of one opus. I've been writing metalhead characters for awhile. That little troll's been living under a rock and created a fake domain for Tabloid Purposes. So I am working on the true site as I speak. I won't have the full site live yet. I am fleshing out the GLS for my anthologies planned. The Twins. I planned Tabloid Purposes 5 and 6 as the twins but I am going to do it with the next two. A little joker by the name of HorrorSkank stealing my beloved anthology series and creating a domain misleading the readers -- that's a scumbag.
Let's take that apart, shall we.
  • "leaked parts of one opus" --> No, I only repeated what Nicky had posted elsewhere.
  • "created a fake domain for Tabloid Purposes" --> No, the domain is very real. There's text and images there to prove it.
  • "joker by the name of HorrorSkank" --> I've come up in Nicky's world. He's given me a nickname.
A little further upthread, Nicky says:
I have a new article up on Helium which I talk about some of my 13 year history of being online.
Nicky hasn't checked his Helium account today because I get this when I try the link for the article and this when I search for "Pacione" on the site. Ooops.

Edited to add: I can get straight to his profile using a link I had previously saved. So maybe he hasn't been completely kicked off the site. Time will tell.

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