Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nicky Revisits WritingForums

You all know by now that Nicky revisited, a place where he was previously handed his ass for being an ass.

After having his thread from yesterday locked by a moderator, he visited the moderator's profile and left this tidbit:
"The Blood of Barbara Malenky is on your hands because what your friends did to Lake Fossil Press in 2008. If you really want to hear what I'm about to say -- just read the damn memoir. You wanted me to tell my side -- I guess you're too forcefed the lies and in that you contributed to the book burnings by your actions."
Nicky was on the site again this morning re-reading through his first flameout and private messaging folks. He also left this on the profile of a user named S.W.A.T.:
"Kiss my ass you electronic pirating faggot. I have the book out there, now what cocksucker. I am not done in this business of publishing, and I will be publishing authors more controversial than myself. Saying I'm done -- well where's your fucking publishing history asshole?"
Click here to see S.W.A.T.'s one and only post in the "AVOID Nicky" thread. This is presumably what Nicky was responding to.

The funniest part: S.W.A.T. hasn't even logged onto WritingForums since August 20, 2007.


Last night, Nicky went back to WritingForums and left a message for the moderator who closed the 2008 thread:
Have fun being blind to what's being forcefed to you.
What on earth are you talking about?
Any bets on how much longer before Nicky is banned from WritingForums?


Lewis said...

I seriously hope Barbara Malenky's family never sees that, it's just plain wrong. Whenever I start to feel an ounce of sympathy for Nicky he just has to remind me what an odious little turd he is.

therustynail said...

I thought that thread was from 2008. It's a year older than that.

Jenny said...

Just checked...Yeah, 2007. That's older than I thought, too. I think that's just after I first ran into Nicky on Spinetinglers

Jenny said...

Oh, there's another thread from about a year later:

He makes an ass of himself there, too.

Al Kilyu said...

"If you really want to hear what I'm about to say -- just read the damn memoir."

I overuse this word, but WOW.

"I hate you and you're a horrible person, but buy my book."

Mike Brendan said...

I wonder if S.W.A.T. was Dagswine in disguise...

Jenny said...

Mike, good point. It does have that sense of hit-and-run stir-shit-up-and-leave that is so typical of Dagstine.