Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nicky Loses Another Writer

Back around the beginning of February, the Table of Contents for the Ethereal Gazette, Issue 10, included a story called "Caravan of Souls" by Andrew Hook. Sometime in the last few days. Nicky tinkered with EG 10. When I looked at the new TOC, "Caravan of Souls" was gone and the book was eight pages shorter.

(BTW, I knew Nicky had tinkered with EG10 because one can now leave ratings and reviews on the book, which is Lulu's default setting. Have fun, kids...)

Even better, Andrew Hook has removed any mention of selling "Caravan of Souls" to Nicky from his web site. His cache from February 27, 2010, mentions the sale. The current page does not.

I wonder if Mr. Hook found out Nicky's reputation or if Nicky "black-balled" him for some imagined slight. Anyone want to e-mail Mr. Hook and ask? Enquiring minds want to know.

UPDATED: Nicky previously mentioned that he had had to take a writer out of EG10, so this news is sort of late - except for who it was. Nicky had this to say:

"I had to go and take a writer out of the magazine after the thing was published. So I had to go in to Open Office and pull his story out, he was lucky that I have the original files the stories was in."

Apparently Nicky is *still* challenged when it comes to making backups. Most people make back-ups regularly so that luck has nothing to do with it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Mr. Hook has also been dealing with Hertzie, but at least he pays the authors, unlike Pacione.

Nicky mentioned having to rework EG10 without one of the stories, but didn't say why. Mostly, he expressed relief that he still had the contents in an editable form.

Jenny said...

"Nicky mentioned having to rework EG10 without one of the stories" --I missed that comment. Where was that?

I looked around Mr. Hook's site a little bit more. He ran his own small press for a while and has a lot of stories to his credit. Two are available for free on his site; I copied them off to read later - I'm curious how good a writer he is...

Jenny said...

Oops, nevermind. I found it: http://www.heartofmetal.net/conversation-piece-f16/my-official-author-site-t12504.htm

Lewis said...

Well we know one thing for certain, if it upset Nicky then Mr. Hook will feature in his next blog post. Personally I'm disappointed that he isn't a Captain, though at least we'll be spared the Photoshops of Nicky as Peter Pan.