Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tabloid Purposes 1 - Mostly Available for Free

Nicky has been crowing recently about getting lbobme's Xanga blog shut down. Long time EONs will remember that lbobme posted links to many of the stories that Nicky used in several of his books. I dug through my archives folders last night and found where I had saved off lbobme's posts. So starting today, I give you "Tabloid Purposes":

In Defiance of the Witch
by Gary Morton

In Death’s Face
By Macey Baggett Wuesthoff

The Blood Letter
By Derrick Edgar James

Screaming Walls
By Casey Gordon

Me, Myself, and INSANITY (link may be dead)
By Hasan Abood

Incarnation (link may be dead)
By Ceara Jaen Baxter

A Dry Drowning (link may be dead)
by Andrew Ian Dodge

Lake Fossil
By Nickolaus A. Pacione

by Ronald E. Wright
Not that story, but check out:

The Third Rule
By Nicholas S. Stember

The Shadow in the Crimson Light (link may be dead)
by Mikk Pärnits (aka Adrian Shepard)

The Ferryman's Wheelchair
By Nickolaus A. Pacione

Southern Exposure (link may be dead)
By Robert A. Montesino

Madame Guillotine
By Shaun Wintrow

Dream Machine, Inc
By David Fry

A Perfect Shot
By Nicholas S. Mounts
That story isn't online, but check out:

by Casey Gordon (aka Spade McCole)

Locker 13 (link may be dead)
By Sheldon S. Higdon

The Flamer (link may be dead)
By Kyle Kucek

The Card
by Mary E. Rose

A Question of Faith
By Macey Baggett Wuesthoff

The Yeti
By Philip Jucker

These Walls are Crumbling
By Paige Smith

MRI, A Hospital Horror
By Karla J. Dorman

Left To Die
By William Sheffield

By Victoria Taylor Murray

Lullaby (link may be dead)
By Aaron G. Saunders

Lost Sailor's Grave
By Sherry L. Gibson

Demon’s Dance
By Stephanie G. Cardin
As I noted above, some of these links are dead, particularly the ones from AuthorsDen where I suspect folks have moved on. Enjoy!


Horror House Madam! said...

Just here to let you know that Editor of Static Movement ezine has cancelled the anthology she previously accepted Nicky in so expect the shit to hit the fan again. If it is you he targets for his downfall, he will probably be here first.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Horror House Madam! said...

no problem.

cussedness said...

The links were first published on my journalscape blog. And I reviewed them.

I ended up mothering a couple of the youngsters that I stole from Nicky's clutches with the reviews.

One of them was only 12 at the time. Nicky then harassed him to an extreme degree. I tried to get him to talk to his parents about what Nicky was doing, but he was afraid he would lose his internet privileges if he did so.

Jenny said...

Janrae, that's really sad to hear about the 12-yr-old. Nicky doesn't have any decency, does he?

I'll add you as a source of the links if you like. Also, do you still have the entry up on your journalscape blog? I would be happy to add a link to that as well.

cussedness said...

Yes, it's still up on journalscape.

It's the 2004 archives. Nicky's comments are still there.

The 12 year old was Kyle Kuchek. He's going to be 19 in August. He's a prodigy.

Al Kilyu said...

ONLY 12?!??!

When he said the other day that the youngest he ever had was a 14 year old girl in the first Tabloid Purposes (and that he supposedly didn't know until after she was published) I was grossed out and enraged. Bullshit he didn't know. We've seen him in the past 30 days so desperate for submissions and getting so few that twice he hit up two teens, 14 and 15, to submit their work to him.

Definitely preys on the young, and he's bragging that he is going to "manage" his sister's career.

cussedness said...

That's right, Al. Kyle was only twelve and Nicky knew that. There was a forum called Twisted Reflections that had a lot of young writers at the time. That's where Nicky found them.

Back then I had a very active chatroom over at We celebrated Kyle's birthday there when he turned 13. We nicknamed him Hedgehog and Kaolin did a really cute cartoon of him.