Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nicky Writes Like a Woman

I was playing with some fun blog analyzers this morning and came across one called the GenderAnalyzer. I asked it to analyze this blog, and the result was:
We think is written by a woman (63%).
Yay! It did a pretty good job, because (obviously) I'm a woman. Just for fun, I tried Nicky's Blogspot blog, and the results were:
We think is written by a woman (67%).
Haha. It gets even better when I tried Nicky's Wordpress blog:
We think is written by a woman (83%).
So Nicky sounds like even more of a woman than I do. I'm not sure how the GenderAnalyzer works exactly, but I do find this amusing.


Anonymous said...

Mine ran through as 60% chance of being written by a female, but was "quite gender neutral."

Lewis said...

Min was given a 71% of being written by a woman, it seems I'm more in touch with my feminine side than I thought.

Horror House Madam! said...

does ayone have a written review of any of nicks books? I need a review for The Lounge in the next issue of House of Horror

If you do please email it to me along with the pic of the cover at

Jenny said...

Sam, yes, I have two up at my Authorsden account. I'll get them (nicely formatted) to you later today, but in the meantime you can find them here:

or here:

I think he's more pissed off about the latter review.

Horror House Madam! said...

Excellent! Thanks Jenny, I'll put your name as the reviewer. Thank you, this will add to my theme of making Nicky Scream!!