Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Dark Fiction Spotlight - Issue 1

The inaugural issue of The Dark Fiction Spotlight is now live. I've copied off the stories to read (sorry TDFS, but I can't read green on black on-screen), and I'll have a review posted soon.

I also read the post on TDFS called July Newsletter. It's been edited since I first saw it, and one of the multiple typos and grammatical oddities was fixed. Others remain (emphasis is mine):

"...we all felt that each story brought it’s own flare and flavor..."

"Get your garbage pale ready because you will need it..."

"There are of course stories that the editor’s thought were stronger..." (commas are also conspicuously missing from this sentence)

"The editing team has put together a very surprising issue with 10 stories from authors whom we must question their sanity." (er, that's awkward and grammatically...contorted).

In my opinion, if one intends to publish an e-zine, one should make sure that one's professional publishing-related posts are impeccable. This one clearly isn't. I hope that the stories have better writing/editing than this.
Edited July 2, 2010 to add:

And...someone from TDFS must have seen this post because the errors have now been fixed, except for the sanity line.

So for TDFS, try this:

"from authors whom we must now question their sanity" --> "from authors whose sanity we must now question."


Anonymous said...

You missed the 'flare' that ought to be 'flair'. Not that you should be ashaned, there's just so much wrong it's hard to catch it all. :)


cussedness said...

I wish this could have been a better initial showing.

I have been in email contact with Stephen and he seems to be an okay guy. Maybe a little in over his head, but okay as a person.

Jenny said...

Thanks, anonymous! You're right; I was so focused on "it's" that I missed that. I've fixed the post now.

As for the issue itself, I told them I would give them a fair review and I will.

cussedness said...

You've always been good about that, Jenny.

Anonymous said...

I've glanced at the offerings therein, and can't say I'm very impressed so far. The first story I attempted was a litany of gruesome murders without much in the way of a plot, more a wankfest for psychopaths than anything resembling an actual story. The others I've looked over seem very amateurish, although a couple have traces of very raw talent that might emerge someday with a lot of hard work and development. Nothing really ready for publication yet, as far as I can see.

Anonymous said...

If the newsletter is any indication, I can't imagine the magazine will any better edited. When I want to blue pencil every third sentence or so, I stop wanting to read any further.

Anonymous said...

The last few stories in the second issue aren't bad. Not great, but they show promise. With some proper editing, they might've been pretty good. The punchlines were a tad obvious, but there are hints of style lacking in most of the other tales.

Stephen W. Roberts said...

Hello all,

I'm pleased that you all had the chance to take a look at the site, though it saddens me that it wasn't a very good experience for many of you at all.

I see what you're all saying and am actually open to suggestions beyond the obvious that I must give a once over.

I checked back here today to see if anybody did go to the site and or wrote any sort of review.

I sincerely aim to create a place for up and coming writers to be able to feature their work and potentially make a little cash.

If the issue is bad then I've potentially failed the authors and am honestly open to any constructive criticism.

I'm not asking you to do my job, but if something is off top of your head then I'm open.

Thanks for checking us out.

Stephen W. Roberts

Al Kilyu said...


You and/or some others have claimed that in the past few weeks you guys have been recieving threatening and harassing emails?

Would you mind forwarding them to al_kilyu(At) I already have evidence that Nickolaus Pacione has been impersonating you guys and trying to get us all to fight, as well as impersonating a mutual enemy of yours, SNM.

I'm really curious to see if any of you got emails from, because he's an idiot and uses that account to "anonymously" harass people forgetting he posted that as his email address online before.

"open to any constructive criticism."

If that's true, then you're on your way.

Jenny said...

Stephen, I do intend to read the stories and write a review, but I've also got a lot going on in my real (non-Internet) life. It will be a few days at least before I enough time to do all that.

Stephen W. Roberts said...

Jenny- I totally understand and didn't mean to seem demanding. lol.

Also, I thank you for doing it at all. Hit me with your best shot, for it just may make issue 2 that much better.

Al Kilyu- I'm only online to grow as a writer and I spend as much time as I can with this one concept in mind.

I have a few writers that I workshop with and I'm always aware that they will do me the justice of completely ripping my story to pieces as to point out any and all flaws.

I always say I have no time for people who want to put me down without reading me first. I'm an open book. :-)

As far as the hate mail, I have blocked all e-mails and deleted said e-mail(unfortunately) but it was suggested as best thing to do by a friend.

I can tell you that most of them were different variations of SNM, Steven Marshall and numbers.

I do actually recall the slushpilejunkie e-mail and may still have some of his hate mail in the TDFS inbox(I'll have to check) but I know I deleted it all from my personal inbox.

It was suggested that I would feel best to truly be rid of it instead of tempted to read it again and act out.

Thanks for giving a guy a shot and I'm sorry for all the drama that came about. Especially for those family members involved for nothing.(i.e. J. Frank, etc.)

Al Kilyu said...

Whoa WHAT?! Nicky was really dumb enough to use his slushpilejunkie email to harass you?

Google slushpilejunkie, see who owns it.

As for Steven Marshall, I can personally verify he was pretending to be him on Janrae's board. I know you're not on speaking terms with SNM but you may want to forward those to him so he can go after Nicky for impersonating him.

cussedness said...

Marshall is aware of them. Once Al demonstrated to me that Nicky was impersonating him, I contacted Marshall about it.

Nicky was trying to set him up to get slammed.

I don't hold with that kind of behavior.