Friday, February 5, 2010

Tabloid Purposes on the Kindle and Other Stuff

I have received no ungrammatical sputtering from Nicky in regards to my query. I suspect he simply deleted it unread when he saw my e-mail address. Maybe the boi has learned some self-control after all.


I did briefly look at the story Mike Ault had in the earlier Tabloid Purposes (can't remember if it was I or II right now), and it was a Lovecraft-like story where a man wanders off into a jungle and sees something scary. Those types of stories don't work for me. I prefer stories where the characters are active participants, not "mere observers".

Mr. Ault has two stories in the later TP, but I haven't read those.


Downloads of "Tabloid Purposes - A Road Trip" now stand at 255. Someone suggested that I put this up on Amazon as a free Kindle download, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. It's only funny to people who know Nicky, and those folks have already had a chance to download it. Anyone else would probably read it and think "Huh?" Thoughts?

If I did it, I'd certainly need to go back and edit it again. I've been avoiding re-reading it because I'm worried that now, with some distance and a clear head, it's going to read badly and that I'll feel embarrassed for having put such silliness up for public consumption. Denial is a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

He commented back, after he approved your comment. Basically, he took you to task for not getting over your resentment/anger/whatever toward the Nickster.

Jenny said...

I saw that a little while ago, and I'm debating whether (and how) or not to answer him. Just because Nicky has apparently treated him fairly, doesn't mean that Nicky is a good person to associate with.