Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nicky has a Story for Dyers Eve

While Nicky has not yet responded to my query, he has responded to another. He has apparently accepted a story for Dyers Eve by Mike Ault.

Let's find out more about Mr. Ault (scroll down to "About the Author"), who has three self-published books listed on Amazon:

Michael Ault is a 53 year old computer database expert well known in technical areas for his work and writings with Oracle database systems. He has a background in nuclear technology courtesy of 6 years in the Navy riding submarines and 10 years in the civilian nuclear field. His interests in space technology have been with him since seeing the Apollo launches as a child and his work with NASA-Aerojet on the Advanced Solid Rocket Motor project. He has worked full time in the computer industry since 1990. His outside interests include scuba diving, photography, hunting and fishing. He has travelled the world as a computer consultant spending time in Europe, Asia, North and South America. All of this experience is reflected in this novel.
Hm, you would think that someone who worked in computers would know how to Google a potential publisher.

Edited to add: Ooops, it appears that Nicky and Mr. Ault have a previous association:

by Michael Ault (author) at 1/27/2010 7:37:27 PM
Nick, How about putting some tory reviews up for my Seeds of Wonder anthology? Go ahead and say "Originally publishing in Tabloid Purposes I/II" and give a link if available! Links are here:

I'll have to look up his previous stories when I get home.

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