Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nicky's New Antho - A Good Place for My Story?

Yes, Nicky is back and trying put together yet another anthology of writing from people who have been hiding under an Internet rock and/or are too ignorant to Google Nicky's name. Just for fun, I thought I'd send him a query. It reads as follows:

Hi Nicky,

I am querying about my story “Thunderstorms of Ill Fate”, which I think would be a fine addition to your current anthology project.

Todd Hollins, a breeder of exotic goats, and his wife, Georgie Davidson-Hollins, a professor of anthrolopogy and expert in ancient languages, are driving through rural Illinois on their way to New York for Todd’s family reunion. Late at night, a sudden vicious thunderstorm forces them to take shelter at a road-side diner.

The storm rages on unabated for hours. With the help of two other stranded travellers – Nicholas Kane, the front man for a local country band, and Seth Miles, a long haul trucker – Todd and Georgie must, figure out how to stop the unnatural deluge before the rising waters consume everything.

Their one clue is a strange short man hunched in the corner booth clutching an old, battered, leather-bound book. Sporting long dark greasy hair and a goatee and speaking with a heavy lisp, he mutters to himself in broken English about a millenia-old Summerian curse, which he swears he did not accidentally invoke.

This story is complete at 9,450 words. This story has already been published, however, so I can only offer reprint rights. If you are interested, please let me know and I can send the story to you.



I just sent this, so I may have to wait a few days to see what his thoughts are...

ETA: Now that I've sent this, I feel a little guilty for poking him. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad; you're not actually poking him.

If you were "poking him", as in trying to illicit a response, you would have posted one of his old stories in it's entity on your blog. He doesn't mind the blogs that insult him, he likes the publicity - he is after all the same person that tried many times to goad people into picketing outside bookstores against him - so tricks and insults no longer anger him.

Were you to say, take one of his old stories that he doesn't have featured in one of his books, one he may have posted on a website somewhere sometime ago, and post it from beginning to end on this blog (with breaks to make fun of each paragraph, so you could claim parody/critiquing to avoid TOS issues) that would infuriate him to no end.

I don't want you or anyone to think that I am trying to suggest that you take one of his old stories and post the whole thing on your site to get him to rage in a hilarious manner, so don't think that. I would never try to persuade you to post his work on your site without his permission because it would guarantee he would revert back to his old self and entertain the masses, so please, don't assume I'm trying to hint you into posting one of his old poems here just because that would be his trigger, ok?

;) this winky face is in no way an attempt on my part to convey a secret message via a wink, that would be silly.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

@Anonymous: So much crap to dig through, so little time. Maybe I'll have to go mine Authorsden for something suitable.

I do have another surprise coming for Nicky, but it's a little ways out.