Saturday, December 11, 2010

The 12 Days of the Ethereal Gazette Issue 12

I'm sick of Christmas music already. My favorite radio station likes to play parodies or alternate versions of Christmas carols instead of the actual songs, which is marginally better, except when they overplay a song until I'm ready to scream...or change the station. Their latest fetish has been alternate versions of "The 12 Days of Christmas".

Which gave me a wonderful idea: The 12 Days of The Ethereal Gazette Issue 12.

In the coming 12 days, I will post reviews of the stories in the Ethereal Gazette Issue 12. The magazine clocks in at a whopping 293 pages, if you include the TOC, introduction, etc., and has 35 stories in it. I swear Nicky never saw a story he didn't like no matter how bad the writing. The only way I'll be able to slog through is if I read only a few stories at a time.

And yes, I know I still need to finish my review of the Ethereal Gazette Issue 10. It's almost done; I just have two or three more stories to reference and then it will be ready to go. After Christmas shopping, house cleaning, and cookie baking, it's fourth on my "To Do" list this weekend.

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