Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Weather Advisory

The part of the state I live in is under a winter weather advisory. It could be worse, I suppose; I could live in the Northeast. When we got up this morning, we found about six to eight inches new snow and winds gusting from 20-30 mph. Even though it’s still about 15 F (it’s supposed to get colder as the weekend wears on), the wind chill is below zero.

The walkway leading from the front of our house down to sidewalk is perpendicular to the wind and had drifted over. We spent 25 minutes clearing both the front and back yard walks and our sidewalk. The dogs made a really, really, really quick circuit of the back yard, did their business and ran back inside.

I was pleasantly surprised by one thing. This last summer, we spent $2500 on new windows for the house – nice, double-pane, low-e high performance windows – because our old ones were shot. We put the new ones in ourselves. This morning there was snow clinging to the outside of window! One the old ones, the snow would have been warmed by heat coming out of the house and turned to ice.

Since going outside today holds little appeal, I plan to get caught up on some reviews. I came home from work yesterday to find The Ethereal Gazzette Issue Seven sitting in my mail box. It is definitely a slim volume, with only six stories, one of them Nicky’s “House of Cards.” The "victim" in this latest rant, er story, is someone who writes real person fiction. Go figure. Review to come soon.


Jodi Lee said...

With the windchill, it's currently -41C here. Stupid winter.

I lust after your windows. I've got a sunroom with single panes, and the walls are exactly a half-inch thicker than the casing. No insulation. Some idiot renovated years ago, and opened up a summer sunroom into the rest of the house.

Stupid people. ;)

Keep warm, Jenny!

Lewis said...

I wonder if he'll ever realise that by putting the people he hates into his stories he's essentially writing negative fanfics of them.

Jenny said...

Jodi, -41? Yikes. Our dining room is similar to your sunroom. It's a converted porch, and before we installed new windows and a new slider, we used to hang a curtain across the opening into the room to keep the cold air from coming into the rest of the house.

Lewis, that's a good point. Nicky is essentially writing the same real person fic that he decries.