Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ethereal Gazette Issue Something-or-Other

A few days ago, I purchased the most recent edition of Nicky's Ethereal Gazette. It was priced lower than the other issues (it should be; it's shorter), and it has Nicky's new story "House of Cards" in it. I got a notice from Lulu this morning that it had shipped. It's coming via media mail, so I expect it will be next week before it arrives. I'll post a review here and on AC.

I've also started writing my review of Tabloid Purposes IV. This is the only other one of Nicky's books that I have a hard copy of. All the others I've purchased in PDF format or downloaded for free thanks to Nicky's exemplary Lulu skills. Since I also have a PDF version of TP IV, I'm seriously considering destroying the printed copy in some way.


I might try to get my dog to shred it (he's cute, and he'd look good up on Youtube), or I could run it through my shredder. That's not very dramatic, though.

I could also use it for target practice with one of my guns. My little 20 gauge shotgun would make mincemeat of it in two or three shots. It would be impressive, but I'm not big on using guns in such a casual manner just to amuse folks.

Or I could mail it to someone who could do something much


Lewis said...

I do have to admit to a strange desire to see someone re-enact the torture scene from Reservoir dogs on one of Nicky's books, complete with the suit and music. I just think it would be kind of funny to see the book being slashed with a straight razor before doused in gas and burned.

Jodi Lee said...

Oooo, I like that idea!

I find a cheap ten-blade is so effective in dealing with the icky shite. ;)

Jenny said...

A razor and gas I could manage. Hm...