Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nicky Lies Again

Nicky finally found "Tabloid Purposes: A Road Trip". He writes on his blog:

Also looks like the Cunt named Jennifer Wagner decided to steal TABLOID PURPOSES and make parody stories of each anthology entry and stealing my story SPECTRAL EXILE – word for word plagiarisms of the story.

Nicky likes to throw "plagiarism" around, even though no sane person would want to claim Nicky's writing as her own. I'd rather claim my dog's writing. Since I haven't received any rambling and incoherent death threats, I can only assume that Nicky has not actually read "Tabloid Purposes: A Road Trip". He's just figured out the jist of the e-book from comments on my blog and on the blogs of others (dial-up sucks, doesn't it, Nicky; can't even download a little 500K file). And that has resulted in two errors in his post:

  • Nowhere in the "Tabloid Purposes: A Road Trip" is there any story even like "Spectral Exile", much less any word-for-word copying.

  • The stories I wrote are not parodies of the stories in the anthology, which I haven't bought and don't intend to.

As of this writing, "Tabloid Purposes: A Road Trip" has been downloaded 169 times. Thank you to everyone who was interested enough to check it out. (ETA: Up to 180 now)

I can't wait until "Tabloid Purposes 6" comes out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nicky never knows what he's talking about; he doesn't have the patience to check out anything for himself before launching his sausage fingers at his keyboard.

Congratulations on all the downloads. I'll bet you're over 200 by now.