Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nicky Hasn't Completely Forgotten About Me

Nicky has another two articles...er...rants...er...crap up on Associated Content. I won't link to them because he doesn't deserve the publicity. You can go here and read the whole text. However, he once again demonstrates that he has his head up his ass. He says,

"There is another out there who went and stole the title TABLOID PURPOSES
and plagiarized every story in the book. Stealing a character I created in
SPECTRAL EXILE as part of their act of trying to break me."
First, you can't copyright a title. And since the title of my book is more relevant to its contents than Nicky's is, I think I'll keep it.

Second, I didn't plagiarize any of the stories. I wrote silly anecdotes and gave them titles similar to the titles in Nicky's self-published unedited anthology. If Nicky had actually read the stories (and knew the meaning of "plagiarism"), he would realize that.

Third, I created a character called Nicholas Kane, but he's not Nicky's character. My Nicholas is a gay, white EMT lving in Yuma. Nicky's Nicholas is a Gary-Stu-esque writer living somewhere in the Midwest.

Nicky fails again.

And, Nicky, I'm up to 211 downloads. How many copies of your TP V are out there?


Bluey said...

How many copies?

Take the number of copies he's given away, and subtract a number that have been burnt and recorded for YouTube. Simple arithmetic!

autoaim.cfg said...

You don't have to link to his AC crap. It's all downloadable as documents at http://www.autoaim.org/?p=139

Happy halloween!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the link. I've updated my post accordingly.