Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Temperature is Rising...

over at this Lulu thread. Nicky is on the verge of losing it. Let's take a look at some of his latest delusions (his first post on the page). Warning...beverage alert!

"I know your history in ruining someone's publishing company... "

I've never ruined anyone's publishing company. Your paranoia is giving me far more credit than I deserve.

"...and you don't like Conservatives"

Actually, Nicky, my folks are conservatives, and so are a bunch of my relatives. I love them all very much. I wish you would stop calling yourself a conservative because you are giving the real conservatives a bad name.

"I would rather publish with Publish America than publish with Kaolin Fire."

Nicky, you know perfectly well that GUD Magazine thinks your writing sucks. They've rejected you how many times? I wish you would submit to PA. The fireworks would be awesome, and the libel lawsuits might just close PA for good.

"What you're doing by hijacking this thread is amoral and unethical."

Pointing out your faults is amoral? unethical?

"This is coming from a person who flat out steals my characters to make fuin of me with them. "

No, I was making fun of you, not "fuin".

"I am beginning to think you were the one that tipped off Preditors and Editors"

Sorry, I only tipped off Ralan. It must have been your boorish behavior on the Absolute Write forums that did you in. You do realize that Dave Kuzminski, the owner of P&E, is a regular poster there, don't you?

"...put you right there with wanting to ruin my name for a number of years."

Since we only "met" last December, your sense of timing is out o' whack.


Dave Kuzminski said...

In fact, Dave cruises the Internet quite frequently to gather information even though he doesn't always post at every site.

Anonymous said...

When I first encountered the writings of Pacione, I figured it was some guy writing with english as his second language. When I realised he was a native speaker, I figured it was some sort of joke. These days I know he is serious, but reading his works I can still barely believe it.