Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nicky "Blacklists" Me

I've had a brief conversation with Nicky in a thread over on the Lulu forums. The funniest part? Here is Nicky responding to another poster:

"I will not publish Jenny because of a number of reasons -- one of them she bragged about ruining different publications I did on here. ... I blacklisted her because of the things she's done on other forums. "

He "blacklisted" me? *snort* Nicky "blacklisting" me is like my local men's rugby team blacklisting me. Although I would try out for a men's rugby team long before I would ever let Nicky near any of my writing.


Nickolaus Pacione said...

Piss off you fucking cunt. Must you go and ruin every publication that I plan? You're nothing but a heartless cunt who doesn't have a lot of time on their hands.

Horror Gal said...

And you're a terrible writer. I think you meant to say "who has a lot of time on her hands". Yanno...insults lose a lot of their punch when they're ungrammatical.