Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nicky Flees to Blogger

So Nicky (aka Nickolaus Pacione for the Googlebots) has come over to Blogger. His latest post has a lot of BS in it. Let's take a look:

"Since Xanga decided to delete my blog because I went and
told someone to latently to fuck off."
Actually, Nicky sent me a death threat. Not exactly the same thing.

"I am sure some of you who want to blame someone for closing down my Xanga Blog it was because of an obsessive anti-fan bitch named HorrorGal."
Nah, Nicky, they're thanking me. And I'm thanking Xanga security for moving so quickly.

" HorrorGal out there who are going to constantly shoplift someone's works...My works got pirated repeatedly by fucks like HorrorGal and her crowd."
Here's what Nicky calls shoplifting. He accidentally sets two of his works to free downloads at Lulu. I see this and download them (screent shots in this post). Nicky claims he never intended to set them to free, has since changed the settings, and claims because he made a mistake, I stole from him. How's that for "it's time to up the dosage"?

"...what makes it worst in the case of HorrorGal is that she is a mother of two."
Nicky, you don't read any better than you write. The only bio of me that you've read says I'm a "mom to two dogs". Two canines. Get it? It's meant to be funny.

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