Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reviews of Nicky's Creative Non-Fiction

Since I last posted, the Great Poe Museum Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Bash and Scheduling Debacle has occurred. The Birthday Bash is the fun part; the museum is holding an event on January 14th in honor of Poe's birthday. The occasion that Nicky supposedly bought train tickets to Richmond to attend, to speak at, etc. The only problem - and here is the Scheduling Debacle part - our favorite travel-challenged troll from Morris, Illinois, planned his trip for January 20th to January 25th. Oops.

In honor of Nicky's issues with dealing with the outside world, my next two reviews will be for two of  Nicky's creative non-fiction stories - "15 Minutes Before the 11th Hour" and "A Gothic Nomad Visiting Poe's Home". The first is about Nicky's close encounter with a Lexus, and the second is about an ill-fated "I navigate Baltimore by remembering episodes of Homicide:Life in the Street" trip to, you got it, Baltimore.

Fear not, though, I am still working my way through A Library of Unknown Horrors as Nano writing permits.

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