Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time for More Reviews

Our favorite little troll has come off "hitatus" and is back annoying the Internet with his ungrammatical rants and generally whiny-ness. And that means it's time for more reviews. What should I do first:

Ethereal Gazette Issue 12 - Five stories left to go. I've read all but one of them and have started writing up the review, but it's been almost 10 months so my memory is a little fuzzy

Ethereal Gazette Issue 11 - The latest edition of the EG, with surprisingly decent artwork by a naive young artist on Vampirefreaks who provided him with the art work from her DeviantArt account. This issue contains eight fiction stories - two of which are by Nicky - three public domain stories, and one true-life story (I think). The preview contains some amusing typos, including three different spellings of "portrait". In a lovely deja-vu moment, Nicky has also misspelled Lloyd Phillip Campbell's middle name in the TOC; it's missing the second "i" (and this is Lloyd Phillip Campbell-Nicky's alias, not Lloyd Phillip Campbell-the gay poet). I'm curious to see what the body of the anthology contains.

A Rural Weird Tale - Nicky's "cult exclusive" post in the H.P Lovecraft cult on, from back in April (IIRC). I think it's supposed to be non-fiction...

Dirty Black Winter - Nicky's latest collection of ungrammatical hash which shares its title with a wonderful poem by the above-mentioned up-and-coming gay poet, Lloyd Phillip Campbell. Is Nicky trying to tell the world something?

A Library of Unknown Horrors - The book that Nicky managed to foist off on the Poe Museum in Virgina. Because of this foisting, Nicky was the subject of two puff pieces on slow news days in a couple of small local newspapers.

I should mention that Nano is starting up in three weeks, and I'm participating again this year. That means my time in November will be limited but I'll do the best I can.


Lewis said...

Personally I'd love to see an unbiased review of Nicky's Library of Unknown Horrors. Mainly since I think he's been boasting about the story in there, Ghosts in the Tornado?

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I am sure a bunch of you fucking plagiarists would love to try to pirate all those titles -- fuck you, and go to hell. The fake one that is going around -- he stole the title of the book for his poem, so there is nothing I have to tell you there. Spend the money and buy the namesake because the story I got published with did get me noticed by a British magazine. Whoever is posing as my pen name needs to have a well placed bullet in his head.

Jenny said...

@Nicky:Which book, pray tell, is "the namesake"? You seem to refer to all your books that way and I get confused. And once again, I'll tell you that titles can't be copyrighted, which is also good for you considering you keep using song titles you like as story titles. kettle.

@Lewis: I agree with you. I think I'll start with "A Library of Unknown Horrors".

Rusty said...

There's also EG 13, which he uploaded four days ago. On page 15 of the preview, which is the back cover, he's got "Lossil Fossil Press" in really huge typeface. That's as good as the time Ablert misspelled his own name on a front cover.

melany said...

nicky really needs to stop with the death threats. Everyone knows he doesn't have the balls to carry them out or the money to hire a hit man to do it for him. You're a pathetic no name Nicky and nobody is afraid of you no matter how much you pretend to be a dark and scary goth.