Friday, December 21, 2007

Darkened Horizons Editor's Humor

Jordan Bobe, the editor of Darkened Horizons Issue 3, has some humorous things to say in his "note" at the end of the issue. I don't think he intended them to be funny, but I couldn't resist sharing them:

"I also attribute a good deal of the problem to the greed associated with writing. Authors are people and as the prices of gas and utilities goes up, so does the need for the story writers to be paid for their contributions."
I'm confused about the message here. Greed is bad,'s OK for writers to want to be paid. Huh? With logic like this, I can see why Mr. Bobe might like Nicky's writing.

"Editors of other publications have become greedy with their desire to sell copies. The result of this is that they refuse to publish previously unpublished authors. … publishing firms refuse to give the new guy a chance."
I read this complaint most often from frustrated writers who have received a few too many rejections. Instead of looking at the quality of their own writing, they bitch about how no one will give "new" writers a chance. Um, no. The truth is that serious publishers are loath to give bad or weak writers a chance.

"To the critics that attempted to stifle the voice of one of my more controversial contributor’s: No respectable market would turn down a well written submission just because of a man’s reputation."
At first I thought he was talking about Nicky, then he mentioned a well-written submission.

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